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Joint Replacement

Robotic-assisted joint replacement technology allows the surgeon to simultaneously visualize two- or three-dimensional views of the patient's anatomy on a monitor, and provides real-time, intra-operative views of surgical instruments and the relative digital positioning of implantable devices.

Robotic assisted
Computer Navigated Joint Replacement

Computer Navigated
Joint Replacement

Computer navigated joint replacement is an image-guided, minimally invasive surgical procedure during which the damaged or worn-out articulating surfaces of a joint are removed and replaced with artificial prostheses under the assistance of advanced computer technology.

Patient testimonials

  • Dr Kilgore. Not only did my hips he did my knees. I would venture to say he is the very TOP surgeon in Florida and the best of the best in the country
    He and his staff give the finest care I would always and have recommend him to anyone looking for knees and or hips replaced. Just one mor...

  • Turns out, I need a knee replacement. No surprise, it's been coming for a very long time. When I get down to weight we will move forward. Dr. Kilgore did a bang up job on my wife's knee replacement. I am sure I will enjoy the same outcome.

  • Dr Kilgore has replaced both knees. Best decision ever. No Gen Anesthesia, up walking in under2 hr, home in 5 hrs. No pain, minimal PT. Great staff, PA Chris is the best. Dr Kilgore changed my life..I walk 5+ miles everyday…pain free!

  • I liked Dr. Kilgore very much and look forward to a great outcome for my joint surgery.

  • Dr Kilgore is very highly recommended and well-respected in his specialty, so it took a while to get appt, but when I got in, everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. Dr Kilgore is obviously a subject matter expert in joint replacements with deep experience and a record ...

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