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Joint Replacement

Robotic-assisted joint replacement technology allows the surgeon to simultaneously visualize two- or three-dimensional views of the patient's anatomy on a monitor, and provides real-time, intra-operative views of surgical instruments and the relative digital positioning of implantable devices.

Robotic assisted
Computer Navigated Joint Replacement

Computer Navigated
Joint Replacement

Computer navigated joint replacement is an image-guided, minimally invasive surgical procedure during which the damaged or worn-out articulating surfaces of a joint are removed and replaced with artificial prostheses under the assistance of advanced computer technology.

Patient testimonials

  • Dr. Kilgore is very straightforward and very honest so you don't waste your money. He is very down to earth, two traits I find very important. My wife works at Mortant Plant hospital and the employees say Dr. Zilgore is the best in his field, this is why he is now my new orthopedic doctor. Trust is ...

  • The fabulous Dr Kilgore replaced both my knees about 8 years ago. I opted for the computer assisted surgery at that time. Had both my surgery's done at Morton Plant.
    My review is probably the review you want to here how have they lasted?
    Well here I am 8-9 years later and can truthfull...

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